Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TDP4 Guide

Welcome to tdp4 this is a beginner’s guide to become a great player. My account name is βlαcκ Mαмвα and I am lvl 13 with AUG(Former one I have many more I use). First read this whole tutorial before doing anything. I used to have an account with lvl 20 with PG Mark, Barrett, thunderbringer, and firestarter(Got these guns since I did like 30 of the medals and my friends helped me in tourney, also the guns took me like a week to get). Until I got banned for extreme combo farming(10,000 kills with 9990 God-Like kills, I leveled up to 20 in one day). Do not Combo Farm it illegal! There are coins and cash. Cash is more worthy than  coins(higher up guns require more cash). Also Cash is much more harder to get than coins. One of the ways to get Cash is to do medals(You can see them in your profile they are right after guns and items). After you go on darkness-project.com and register you will begin a tutorial. Quickly finish the tutorial then sell the glock since it will be useless to you. Then put one skill point in explosion. After go into a room(preferably corridor) with only lvl 1 and lower. Stay there until you get to lvl 4 then exit out of the room and buy the PSL Pistol. After that put 2 status points in hp and 1 in accuracy. Go into another room(preferably corridor) and lvl up till your past lvl 8(higher lvl the better and get at least God Like kill and 500 kills). Now you have 2 accuracy 3 strength and remaining hp(status points). Sell your PSL Pistol and buy the AUG. After that just keep on lvling till like lvl 20. Put some stat points in hp and some in the stat requirements for the next gun you want.  DO NOT DO TOURNAMENTS there are way too many hackers(I lost 32 cash in tourneys and 10000 coins).
1.) If you buy-
Firestarter use it in corridor because that is where it is most effective. And before you use it in real battle practice with yourself or your friend in a private room.
6G30 us it in maps where you can get much higher than someone else or under someone. Same with Firestarter practice makes perfect.
2.) If you are in a corridor which has people with rockets and you don’t have a gun listed in my lvl 30 and up guns(bottom of page) then leave because you will be pwned soo easily.
3.) If you see a tourney and the other team has an HZ and low hp and you have an assault rifle with lots of hp then join and pwn. Also if you are going in a tourney with a rocket launcher then you want to be the second or the third person to join since you have to get ready for the rocket launcher. If you join last then you will lose really easily. I know this since I had an Aug with 400 hp and 1 defense going up against a rocket launcher with 300 hp and 0 defense I totally pwned since I went into the tourney second. But when I tried again on the same person I came in the tourney last and the other team pwned me since I was getting bombed at as soon as I came in the tournament.
4.) Effective maps for rocket launcher- ALL MAPS it’s just how good you are with using a rocket launcher. Some places are better for your style of using rocket launcher. Go to all the maps and get up to 250 kills and decide which is the best map for you.
5.) Effective maps for Assault Rifles- ALL MAPS same with rocket launchers.
6.) Effective maps for HMG- Corridor since there is soo many places to spam with a long time for the other enemy to get to you(unless they have a rocket launcher).
7.) Effective maps for Snipers- Every map except Corridor(depends who you are playing with).
8.) Guns not to buy- Gold Eagle, M60E4, Laser LGH, Plasma Shocker, SMAW,
9.) Guns you want to have by lvl 5 and up-MP5, 9A91, Benelli, PSL Pistol
10.) Guns you want to have by lvl 10 and up-Aug, RPD, 10mmsop
11.) Guns you want to have by lvl 20 and up- Assassin, OICW XM8, HK PSG1, M249 SAW, Laser LGM, HZ
12.) Guns you want to have by lvl 30 and up- Gauss Rifle, Barrett, Gatling Gun, PG Mark, M2O2A2, Thunderbringer, and Firestarter.
13.) Also remember that if you buy one from lvl 10 and up it’s going to be harder to buy lvl 20 and so on.
14.) Also if you don’t feel like playing but watching. Watch a tourney and when you see someone hack or farm videotape it. First learn how to get coin and cash rewards for reporting Hacking and Farming. Then post it on the HACKERS/FARMERS page on forum.darkness-project.com and you could get coins or cash rewards.
16.) Also remember to get all the daily rewards

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